Architecture of Peace

Architecture of Peace is an international long-term research and action project in which a large number of stakeholders are involved. The project will consist of local case studies, interventions, university research studios, debates, publications and exhibitions.

Cities in the post-conflict rebuilding phase have recurrent, comparable problems. Political power vacuums at the national level and the absence of civil self-monitoring generate uncontrolled forces that seriously damage the cities' chances for recovery. For this reason it is necessary to scrutinize the aid and planning strategies we have used and intensify the search for possible alternatives. We call upon all those working in the field of politics, aid, architecture, and community work and development cooperation to share their knowledge and experience and rethink how to rebuild the community by a smart reconstruction of the city. The integral approach will provide innovative insights to create new tools and methods to approach reconstruction. Reconstruction is a highly political process in which every step that is seen to favor one side over another can ignite new violence. Unbalanced reconstruction can create new inequalities, which would lead to new grievances. But can reconstruction also be an instrument of peace?

Architecture of Peace is supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL.

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The Good Cause: Architecture of Peace Exhibition, Munich